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Synonyms for mumble

Synonyms for mumble

to speak or utter indistinctly, as by lowering the voice or partially closing the mouth

a low, indistinct, and often continuous sound

Synonyms for mumble

a soft indistinct utterance

grind with the gums


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Though he still hears and sees as well as ever, this man - of advanced years, let's say - tries to cope with today's mumblers and printers scrimping on ink.
In the face of such a pressure to stir the public, Jefferson--along with Madison, Elbridge Gerry, and Rufus King--became gripped by what Fliegelman calls a "stage fright" that reduced them to whisperers, mumblers, and stammerers.
In chorus with Adler, Hornby argues that acting demands a size and an energy that place the actor in a world apart: "The stage is a platform, and is not to be confused with the street," Adler told students, many of whom she suspected of being Method mumblers at heart.
* Speark clearly; mumblers are perceived as afraid or shy.
The BBC blunder came just a few months after director general Tony Hall declared war on mumblers.
Abstainers, refuseniks, the disillusioned, mumblers, grumblers and the as yet uninitiated - now might be a very good time to climb back aboard the Mogganaut.
From the mumblers to the mute, it has definitely been a case of Welshmen without hwyl and passion.
Mullet spelled backwards is tellum (mullet mumblers' talk for "tell them').
"Those guys on the rooftops are pigeon mumblers, and they're crazy.
Fans of the incoherent Teletubbies have expressed disappointment at news that the furry mumblers are to be forced to talk properly.
In fact, my own church might have been called the Church of the Latter-Day Faints or the Sect of the Secret Mumblers, since they could not muster a rousing hymn if the Second Coming hung in the balance.
The Co-operative Pharmacy survey identified five separate types of shopper: Blushers and mumblers: Go bright red even when only asking for cough medicine and cannot bear anyone to hear their problem.
After more than a decade fronting dour Scots mumblers Arab Strap, the finest furrowed brow in Falkirk has gone it alone permanently, his most recent solo CD (Waxing Gibbous, his fifth) is more of the sublime sadness we've been used to.