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Synonyms for mum

Synonyms for mum

temporarily unable or unwilling to speak, as from shock or fear

Synonyms for mum

informal terms for a mother


failing to speak or communicate etc when expected to

References in classic literature ?
"No, mum, it isn't worth your while; you can go to the shop to-morrow an' get the same pattern ready whitened.
"But if I let you have it for ten shillin', mum, you'll be so good as not tell nobody.
"Well, I can't deny you , mum," said Bob handing it out.
Now then, mum, if you'll please to give me the net "
"Nay, mum, you'll niver say that when you're upo' your knees i' church i' five years' time.
A non-for-profit group set up to offer mums communal and emotional support, tailored workout classes, nutritional advice, and general friendship, MUM is fighting back against post-natal isolation, allowing mothers to connect with those in the same boat as them to share advice and talk about anything and everything that isn't Peppa Pig.
TheInstagram influencerwas finally reunited with her mum and sister after weeks spent isolated from the outside world.
The Team Mum project gives new mothers the health information and support they need to keep themselves and their babies safe.
She told the court she did her best to care for her mum, but did not get the support she needed.
And Penny Lancaster, 48, called mum Sally a "wonderful woman", while Loose Women's Ruth Langsford, 59, joked after lunch with Joan: "I ate so much."
So, we need readers to write in and tell us about a special mum in your life she could be your own mum, someone who's like a mum to you or a local mum you admire.
M&S: *Silence* Mum: Because her dad was such a huge man.
GREEDY Debbie Happy Mothers Day Mum. We love you, Love from Lial and Lysha xxx GREEDY Debbie Happy Mothers Day Mum.