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having more than one story

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They have so far lobbied successfully and averted any moves to mandate the construction of earthquake-resistant multistoried buildings as it would increase building costs and dent their profit margins.
a name given to members of four diverse linguistic groups who lived for centuries in their multistoried stone or adobe houses in the area where the borders of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado meet.
The law minister was addressing a view-sharing meeting with lawyers at Advocate Bar Association auditorium after laying foundation stone of its multistoried building in Rajshahi as chief guest.
"That's no longer the case because of the huge multistoried Jamarat Complex that the government has constructed spending billions of riyals.
The Prime Minister said this while attending a programme marking the commissioning of a new naval base BNS Sheikh Mujib and opening of a 22 multistoried buildings and laying the foundation stone of BN Township in Savar and BNS Sheikh Mujib in Khilkhet area of the city.