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occurring in more than one stage

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For multistage use, convertible high chairs comprise most of the sales and grew by 9 percent, while non-convertible varieties declined by 2 percent.
Education testing professionals summarize the psychometric theory, methodologies, and applications for computerized multistage testing, which is a specific assessment design that allows the difficulty of test to adapt to the level of ability of a test taker, and uses features of both computerized adaptive testing and linear testing.
Therefore, in multistage models of hepatocarcinogenesis that are initiated by a necrogenic dose of DEN, promoting agents might better be started at least 5 weeks after DEN treatment, not 2 weeks as originally designed (5), when sex difference is one concern of the study.
Two-stage and multistage test designs provide a way of roughly adapting item difficulty to test taker ability.
Inglett spent 3 years perfecting a multistage processing technique to produce the smooth, palatable Z-Trim from the tough hulls of corn, oats, or rice.
But with our multistage activated biological process (MSABP), no waste sludge is created.
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 28, 2017-NCS Multistage Holdings prices IPO of 9.
High Pressure Multistage Centrifugal Self Priming Horizontal Pump, Type Cms 80/3 Ci,45 M3/Hr At 15 Mlc With Standard Make Fully Enclosed Fan Cooled Squirrel Cage Introduction Motor,Foot Mounted,10 Hp,1450 Rpm,415V,Ip54,Class F With Suitable Base Frame,Coupling & Coupling Guard,Make: Mipa/Kirloskar.
fuses basements, (c) low voltage plastic shrinkable joints of 3 x 185 + 95 mm2 cross section, (d) multistage capacitors' boards of 150, 250 & 350 KVAR, 400/ 525 volt tension, (e) multistage capacitors' boards of 100 & 450 KVAR, 400/ 525 volt tension , also maintenance of other capacity capacitors' boards.
has been granted a patent for a coating composition comprised of a multi-stage emulsion polymer that is both radiation curable and removable and includes carboxylic functional groups in the coating that react with one or more chemical stripping agents, effecting the removal of the coating from a substrate, wherein a shell of the multi-stage emulsion polymer is comprised of a carboxylic acid-containing emulsion polymer that is comprised of, as polymerized units, one or more comonomers having carboxylic acid functionality, wherein the multistage emulsion polymer further is comprised of 5-80%, based on equivalents of acid groups, polyvalent metal ion.
A number of advanced features have been incorporated into the design including interchangeable single or multistage rotor/stator arrangements as standard, resulting in substantially faster mixing times and finer particle size.
The multistage pump, which is activated by compressed air, is 1.
Pump types include ANSI and ISO process pumps, split-case pumps, multistage, and vertical turbine pumps that are capable of handling a wide range of fluid conditions including high temperature, abrasive, corrosive, and entrained solids.
8 F were some of the reasons that CCI's advanced DRAG[R] multistage valve technology was chosen.
As disposable multistage rockets launching tiny capsules provided the first generation of spacecraft, the shuttles are the second generation.
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