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a computer that uses two or more processing units under integrated control

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The higher number of streaming multiprocessors also determines an increased overall shared memory size and the aggregate bandwidth of the shared memory is in fact more than two times higher than on the previous Maxwell architecture.
Baker demonstrated an efficiently computable schedulability test for EDF scheduling on an asymmetric multiprocessors platform [3].
Baruah, "Priority-driven scheduling of periodic task systems on multiprocessors," Real-Time Systems, vol.
[6.] Rahman, Amir Masoud, Vahedi, Mohammad Ali.: A Noval Task Scheduling in Multiprocessors System with Genetic Algorithm by Using Elistism Stepping Method.
Earlier research targeted a variety of solutions including processor architecture, router design, routing and switching algorithms, scheduling, mapping, fault tolerance, and application execution in multiprocessors. To address the performance and area demands.
The commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) multicore or multiprocessor System-on-Chip (SoC) provides designers a choice between a homogeneous, (multiple DSPs in one device) or heterogeneous (an ARM + DSP in a device) solution for their applications.
This paper focuses the multiprocessor scheduling problem and is generally stated as, given a multiprocessor computing system and numerous tasks to execute, how does one efficiently schedule the tasks to make optimal use of the computing resources?
Multiprocessors may be the power-up that the cellphone market needs.
Large Scale Multiprocessors and Scientific Applications.
Elliot adds that the multiprocessors ability to be fixed to either standard or high-reach carriers also allows it to ride another demolition industry trend the move to controlled demolition.
LIU, AND ESMOND NG, Sparse Cholesky Factorization on a Local-Memory Multiprocessor, Proceedings of the ARO Workshop on Parallel Processing and Medium-Scale Multiprocessors A.
Smart MP technology allows professional users of FASTstudio.DV to gain a significant performance benefit by enabling more performance from the second processor in combination with AMD's Socket A platform, which is designed to offer stability over time, AMD's high performance multiprocessors provide seamless integration for the enterprise environment.
This can be particularly true for multiprocessors where bus utilization is typically higher than single processor systems.
Shark is built on IBM's Seascape Storage Enterprise Architecture and features a 'snap-in' design that allows user to add capacity, performance and connectivity using the same platform; a capacity ranging from 420Gb to over 11 terabytes and two, four-way symmetric multiprocessors. Shark can run on S/390, UNIX, Windows NT and AS/400 and employ a range of interfaces, including ESCON, Fibre Channel and Ultra SCSI.
HP offers the chemistry industry a full line of highly scalable, UNIX system servers, featuring multiprocessors, high-performance memory systems, large memory capacity and high-bandwidth I/O.
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