multiplier factor

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the number by which a multiplicand is multiplied


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The definitions of [f.sub.oil_f] and [f.sub.oil_[PHI]] in Equations 12 and 13 are corrections for frictional factor and for multiplier factor in order to consider oil effect and are given in Equations 14 and 15, respectively.
Using the state's multiplier factor, the council report estimates that the combined $70 million results in $147 million in sales, $69 million in wages and salaries and more than 3,100 jobs in the state economy.
After noting that Allstate had a regular practice of contesting such claims and other factors in court, the judge then applied a 1.5 multiplier factor.
Using a Kansas Sate University Office of Local Government-calculated multiplier factor of 1.8 on the extra profits generated by the co-op, Endicott estimates these premiums have helped to pump an additional $350,000 annually back into the rural communities where the producers live.
"Our economic impact is felt both through the multiplier factor in our local economy and through the educated students we graduate."
Furthermore, for every $1 increase in manufacturing sales, the result is a $2.60 in additional total economic activity, a multiplier factor almost double that of other sectors.
We approximated the fair market value of partners' compensation by inverting the firm's billing rate formula and dividing the average partner billing rate by the 0.00205 staff multiplier factor. The average partner billing rate of $93.56 indicated a salary equivalent of $45,639.
We have also noted that with diminishing advertising prices and hard earned content, AVE has often resulted in exaggerations in value with the use of multiplier factors based on prominence, image impact, prestige of the media channel and other criteria.
Certain multiplier factors apply to ensure the sustainability of stocks.