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the number by which a multiplicand is multiplied

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The design of asynchronous multiplier has many choices ranging from conventional Add-Shift Multiplier to high speed Vedic multiplier.
In simple terms fiscal multiplier refers to the ratio of change in output due to some exogenous change in fiscal instrument - such as government expenditures or government taxes.
For healthy children, Anderson's growth remaining method,[sup][7] Moseley's straight line graph,[sup][8] and Paley's multiplier method [sup][9] have been the standards for predicting limb length and LLD.
We analyze the impact of government spending on employment, income, GDP, consumer debt, and consumer spending from 2007 to 2009 and find evidence that the fiscal multiplier is higher in geographical areas characterized by higher individual household debt.
An alternative and rather unique way to explain the investment multiplier is to employ the production possibility curve.
The profit multiplier is a financial indicator that gauges a share's trading price in the stock exchange compared to the profits achieved.
In addition, Money Multiplier offers the life changing opportunity to live like a quarter millionaire with the chance to win [euro]250,000.
The multiplier is set by central government each financial year and depends on whether the business is defined as small or large.
We address the first two questions by reviewing the rapidly expanding body of academic literature and address the third question by providing an overview of how the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) uses multiplier estimates to analyze fiscal policy proposals and legislation.
In subsequent work, we investigate whether the government spending multiplier varies over the business cycle in other countries as well.
And when we factored in the responses of people who said their multiplier got more than 100% of their intelligence (submitting responses such as 110%, claiming that their intelligence actually grew), we found that multipliers got 2.
The upstream chemical products cluster--which includes petrochemical manufacturing, industrial gas manufacturing, basic organic chemical manufacturing, as well as synthetic rubber manufacturing--leads the regional employment multiplier ranking.
Those opposed to this view argue that the multiplier is small, near zero, indicating that a government stimulus plan will impact RGDP, but not to the degree promoted by the Keynesian economists.
The price equates to $70,588 per unit, a gross rent multiplier of 7.
The company's site explains the value of the new multipliers, noting, “Anywhere there's a high torque, confined space situation, a torque multiplier should be close at hand.