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greatly increased as by multiplication

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Agency Multiplied developed the bond processing software used by Surety Solutions to efficiently process these transactions.
Gallagher Acquires Surety Solutions, and Agency Multiplied in Oregon
Each pair of digits is then multiplied and the result put in the appropriate cell.
Three Chinese varieties W-11, B-10 and Pishang were imported by Pakistan Agricultural Research Council in 2009 and multiplied these varieties through tissue culture technology.
The event, dubbed The Power of X: Digital Multiplied takes place on October 10 to 12 at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC).
The suspects told targeted victims that when they put a chemical solution in the safe, the money would get multiplied.
The proportion of total stakes the bookmaker could expect to return would be 95 per cent multiplied by 95 per cent, which is 90 per cent.
The next number will be multiplied by four and the last number by one.
29 ( ANI ): Venezuelan president did a major blunder while delivering a speech at the Miranda Stadium when he said 'Multiply ourselves, like Christ multiplied the penises'.
This fact will always work for any number multiplied by nine; the sum of the digits in the answer will always be nine.
The fun begins with a clear visual of how numbers can be multiplied. Factor trees are introduced, and students learn about prime and composite numbers.
''What's three multiplied by three?" "Tuesday," I spluttered.
In one series of tests, EDI compared a standard five layer polyethylene structure having outer "cling" layers and a core consisting of three LLDPE layers with hexene, butene, and hexene co-monomer side chains, a 14 layer structure, with the core multiplied four times; and a 50 layer structure with the core multiplied 16 times.