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tending or having the power to multiply or increase in number or quantity or degree

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presented comparison problems in the form of "then and now" scenarios that could either be interpreted additively using absolute comparisons or multiplicatively using relative comparisons (National Research Council, 2001; Van de Walle, Karp & Bay-Williams, 2013).
Fractions as the coordination of multiplicatively related quantities: A cross-sectional study of children's thinking.
Sharma, The locally boundedly multiplicatively convex algebras, Math.
0 Professional software uses the transitive and multiplicatively complete Fare-Primont index.
They should not be applied to calculations that use those parameters, because they, then, multiplicatively enlarge loads resulting from values for which the engineer has great confidence.
The Side Effects and Prognosis factors were deemed to combine multiplicatively, because the bilinear (linear x linear) component of the interaction was significant and the other components were not.
Possibly this can be explained by the fact that the absolute risk was estimated by using the regression coefficients from Poisson regression, which assumes that risk increases multiplicatively with each increase in plasma YKL-40 percentile category regardless of smoking, sex, age, and alcohol consumption.
The risk score, geographic cost factor, and other elements of the transfer formula interact multiplicatively.
018, respectively, multiplicatively having a large negative effect on the SR.
We extend the variables in p multiplicatively to partitions, i.
Recent work for 3D problems include: multiplicatively regularized (MR) Gauss-Newton inversion (GNI) by Abubakar et al.
Shared frailty Cox models allow for clustering of patients by allowing a common term (a gamma distributed random effect for treating hospital or county of residence) to enter the specification multiplicatively.
Additionally, the students became acutely aware that multiple mistakes in business (such as attempting aggressive growth, choosing the wrong attorney, and taking on all liabilities of the business) can combine multiplicatively, not summatively, to create a "tsunami" for an entrepreneur.
If the population size in month i is determined in proportion to that in month i-1 and the effect of the environmental conditions in month i multiplicatively add to the population size in month i, the relationship of population size between the 2 months can be expressed as follows:
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