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the number that is multiplied by the multiplier

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Doubling and Derives solution using doubling or halving and halving estimation, attending to both the multiplier and the multiplicand.
065 (the decimal moves two places to the left when the % sign is removed) and entered first, followed by the x sign and then the multiplicand.
On the other hand, in panel (B) each digit of the multiplicand is multiplied by each digit of the multiplier, but no carry is implemented as in the conventional method.
This formula would have perimeter (ft) as the product, perimeter (m) as the multiplicand, and 3.
These high ability students considered that the change of multiplier or multiplicand would affect the result in the final product.
El Pais (2004), "Los hoteleros multiplicand la inversion en el extranjero por la saturacion en Espana", 14 August.
17 percent is allocated on the basis of origin, defined as the residence of the taxpayers, and 13 percent according to financial capacity (an exponential formula is employed where the population serves as multiplicand and financial capacity as exponent).
Courts have increased the multiplicand based on family background and achievement.
his attitude to government spending as a recovery multiplicand contrasted with that of Kahn' (1979, p.
Los espejos y la paternidad son abominables porque lo multiplicand y lo divulgan.
If Hagerman's revised value of 10 tons per acre per year is used with the appropriate multiplicand (i.
6) Weights used to calculate the Personalized Rate are, in turn, a function of the assessment the firm would be charged under the Unit Rate plan, so that the weight placed on the employer-specific rate increases (and, correspondingly, the weight placed on the Unit Rate declines) as the multiplicand of firm payroll and the Unit (or base assessment) Rate increases.
There are differences in the relative weights used in each place as well as in the multiplicand for the positions.
In arithmetic, a multiplier works on a multiplicand, to generate a new result.