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Synonyms for multiply

Synonyms for multiply

Synonyms for multiply

combine or increase by multiplication

have young (animals) or reproduce (organisms)

have offspring or produce more individuals of a given animal or plant

in several ways


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These opposing conclusions result from differing emphases on populist (Gaudin) versus legalist (Burbank) perceptions of the peasantry, based either on infinitely multipliable local evidence or on statistical averages that are inevitably artificial.
With such a close-knitted and open-ended narrative structure that allows infinitely multipliable detail for decoration, illustration, scenic effects, or drama to enliven and enrich his theme, what James's late novels, now re-read in the light of Seng Zhao along with that of William James, often appears so motionlessly mobile or actively actionless.
The moi's divisible and multipliable structure gives the je the potential to represent the moi under different signifiers.
Once a work is created, its intellectual content is infinitely multipliable.
The DH population presents the main advantage of being indefinitely multipliable, thus permitting a better evaluation of complex traits such as resistance to L.