multiplex operation

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an operation in which two or more activities are interleaved

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With its 1998 launch, the nation's first multiplex operation, a joint venture between Oz-based Village Roadshow and domestic partner CJ Entertainment, known as CJ Village, has ushered a new era into what had been a rather dismal moviegoing experience.
In general, it was concluded that only one of these links would be available, which strongly indicates multiplex operation. A signal bandwidth of 2 Mbps would qualify the system for Mil-Spec-1553B, and ARINC 429 and 629 operation.
Master-developers such as Emaar and Meraas have their own multiplex operations, through Reel and Roxy, respectively.
The AMC theatre chain is haemorrhaging money, with a 27 per cent decrease in value over the summer, ticket sales have fallen 10.8 per cent across the board, stocks are in a nosedive (China's Wanda Group has ponied up $100 million, or Dh367 million to buy out available AMC stock), and the four largest multiplex operations have cumulatively lost $1.3 billion.
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