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having or involving or consisting of more than one part or entity or individual


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For a $30 fee, Enterprise Courier's grocery service will shop for a client's specified items - even if that means stopping at multiple stores - and deliver the goods within three hours of receiving the order.
The location is made up of multiple stores and Tequilaville on the corner.
In addition, retailers will benefit from new back office capabilities including an electronic journal for reviewing all database transactions, improved labor and inventory management functions that can run independently of front of store operations, and the ability for retail chains to access "house accounts" across multiple stores, simplifying the transaction for customers.
On-Site Electronic Deposit gives businesses with multiple stores or branches a way to quickly prepare, approve and electronically send deposits to the bank, without making a trip to a branch.
Instead of going to multiple stores and departments or different sites online, myShape is a far more efficient way of shopping than any other.
Absentee owner selling multiple stores and ready to make a deal.
NextChoice has a dozen customers deployed across multiple stores such as Austin Grill and Not Your Average Joe's as well as a number of pilots in progress including Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits.
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