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of an electrical system that uses or generates two or more alternating voltages of the same frequency but differing in phase angle


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The Subsea Multiphase Boosting 2018 Brazil Conference (April 12-13, 2018, Windsor Barra Hotel & Congressos, Rio de Janeiro), promoted by AMG First, is very timely to help flow assurance and production experts address this challenge, with the latest state-of-the-art technologies and lessons learned for boosting production whilst reducing intervention turnaround time and extraction cost as subsea development water depths and step-out lengths increase.
Through the EPCIC contract, OneSubsea and its Subsea Integration Alliance partner, Subsea 7, will supply and install a subsea multiphase boosting system including topside and subsea controls, as well as associated life-of-field services.
The effect on the introduction of a second phase should be well understood as it can lead to relative high biases due to the non-linear behavior of a multiphase flow.
The subsea multiphase boosting pumps improve production economics by reducing backpressure on the reservoir, increasing flow rates and total recoverable reserves.
In these situations the multiphase sampling can be used as an alternate.
This volume outlines most of the popular multiphase Lattice Boltzmann methods (LBMs) theoretically and through numerical simulation, for researchers investigating multiphase flows and fluid dynamics.
Subsea pipeline design is a multi-domain design problem concerned with multiphase flow, heat transfer, material erosion and corrosion, and many a misplaced ship's anchor.
comprehensively review the literature on particle-particle, and particle-fluid interactions in multiphase systems where particles could be gas bubbles, liquid drops, or solid particles.
Multiphase flow measurement systems in subsea applications have uncertainties of flowrate that lead to financial exposures of billions of dollars a year.
Dr Said al Mufarji, General Manager, R&D, MB Petroleum Services, who has completed his MSc in Multiphase Flow Metering Technology, adds, "After extensive research in this technology, we underwent rigorous actual field testing at Occidental Oman (Oxy) at Wadi Lathem oil field where we successfully tested 64 wells.
The MB Flow Master designed and assembled within the MB Research & Development department is a commercial multiphase flow meter based on separation technology.
Tri-Mer Corp introduces the MultiPhase BioSystem, for VOC control.
Validating the continuous-flow microwave sterilization of low-acid multiphase foods requires the use of thermo-sensitive implants and simulated particles as carriers of these implants.
Computational methods in multiphase flow V; proceedings.
ROXAR, a technology solutions provider to the upstream oil and gas industry announced the launch of its third generation multiphase meter -- the Roxar Multiphase meter 2600 based on its new Zector Technology.
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