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In summary, after implementation of the two-child policy, women of older age, women who are multiparous, and women with a history of cesarean section, as well as pregnant complications, increased.
All unbooked grand multiparous mother of any age, with singleton pregnancy at term, free of medical disorders admitted to Gynae A Unit, Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar, taken from emergency department were included in the study.
8%) of obese primipara and 42(41%) of obese multiparous women were induced for medical reasons.
Historically, we have been taught to allow 2 hours of pushing for nulliparous women and 1 hour for multiparous women, when epidural anesthesia has not been administered, and to add an additional hour when epidural is used.
This is especially true of median episiotomy (the type used most commonly in the United States), which increases the risk of OASIS at the time of vacuum delivery 5-fold in nulliparous and 89-fold in multiparous women.
1990) with primiparous (brooding first egg clutch) females mating and extruding eggs approximately 2 mo before multiparous (brooding second or subsequent egg clutch) females (Stevens & Swiney 2007b).
If multiparous females in the eastern Bering Sea are relatively sedentary, as they are in eastern Canada (Lovrich et al.
For women planning to birth at home the ratio of nulliparous to multiparous women was lower across both countries (COMCORD 26.
3) Hershkovitz et al (2) suggested that laxity of uterine and abdominal musculature in multiparous patients may contribute to increased room for TUCK formation.
These variables were determined a priori based on the list of variables available in the APHP database and included: smoker during pregnancy (yes, no), maternal age at delivery (<20, 20-34, [greater than or equal to] 35 years), previous preterm birth (nulliparous, multiparous and no previous preterm birth, multiparous and previous preterm birth), pre-pregnancy weight (< 45 kg, 45-91 kg, > 91 kg), and year of birth (2001, 2006).
Moreover, there were 20 nulliparous women in the case group and 18 in the control group, with the rest being multiparous.
Lake of proper exercise during pregnancy prob ably play important role in overall act of farrowing and foetal mortality at birth in multiparous animal like pig (Nath et al.
ijkl] corresponds to the phenotype trait (PL305, PP305, PG305, PGRA and PPRO), [mu] is the general mean, GG correspond7s to the i effect of the genetic group (i = 1, 2), being 1 the Holstein genetic group and 2 the BxH genetic group, NP is the fixed effect of the j number of calvings (j = 1,2), being 1 the primiparous cows (of one and two calvings) and 2 multiparous cows (of three or more calvings), [b.