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Synonyms for multinational

involving or operating in several nations or nationalities

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Clive Hassett, director of multinational services for ACE European Group says in a statement, "Since the onset of the global financial crisis, many businesses have increased their focus on growing overseas revenues at the same time as we have seen a sea-change in the global regulatory and compliance environment.
In his role, Dinh An will be responsible for overseeing AMD's retail business in the META region, in addition to strengthening relations and aligning objectives with AMD's multinational business partners.
This Network will provide group buying power for multinational employers and insurers.
[4] believed that the capital arbitrage theory is at odds with the resource transfer activities of multinational businesses.
In that attack, he said, as many as 10 Boko Haram terrorists were killed as the multinational force thwarted the onslaught.
Without transparency and unitary taxation, multinationals will be able to continue plundering poor countries from the South.
The speakers alleged the multinational tobacco companies provided loan for the raw material to growers on 36pc interest rate and compelled the farmers to sell their produce at less than market rates.
Sun Multinational DMCC is a conglomerate that manages 57 companies across 10 countries with headquarters in Dubai, UAE.
I'm against the theory of the multinational corporations who say if you are against hunger you must be for GMO.
'Government needs to shift its tax policy to multinational companies earning billions of revenue from tobacco manufacturing,' he said.
'The government needs to shift its tax policy to multinational companies that earn billions in revenue through manufacturing,' he added.
AXA XL Insurance offers property, casualty, professional, financial lines and specialty insurance to mid-sized companies through large multinationals globally.
QBE North America launched its first multinational product, Directors and Officers, in late 2016.
Researchers and practitioners in business and diplomacy explore how multinational corporations can use diplomacy to help them deal with challenges in the international business arena.
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