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involving or operating in several nations or nationalities

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EMPS is designed specifically for multinational corporations, built on a global network of eight load-balanced, fully redundant data center peers located in strategic Internet locations.
BT Infonet has once again shown consistent overall performance highlighted by strong results in the top ten categories identified by multinationals as critical," said Dr.
The Australian people expect all corporations to pay the right amount of tax and this includes multinational companies, Minister ODwyer said.
As we know that a multinational company works in more than one country, so it operates through a system of branches and backups in host nations.
Lahore -- Multinationals always played a fundamental role in economic uplift of any country as they do bring much-needed foreign investment and create employment opportunities for the locals.
Most cases, especially frivolous cases, against multinational corporations (whether in the United States or abroad) have been dismissed.
Many multinational corporations already have completed the course and more will sign up.
Recounting the highlights of the March 4-5, 2002 Publisher's Multinational Direct Conference in New York City, The Newsletter on Newsletters (March 15) reported that speaker after speaker emphasized that there's "a lot of money beyond one's domestic subscriber base.
This move breaks new ground in China by offering local and multinational companies a full range of consultancy and brokerage services and asset services.
There was also a Swedish medical company, a multinational military police company, a multinational headquarters company and brigade staff.
The degree to which multinational corporations improve or deteriorate the environment in developing countries depends largely on which industry you're talking about, French says, pointing to the asbestos industry as a case in point.
The protest proves that if governments leave the people out of the decision-making process, if governments set up an institution like the WTO, which favors the rights of multinational corporations over everybody else's, at some point people aren't going to take it anymore.
Every year, when the chief financial officer of almost any multinational corporation sits down with the company's tax director to review the year, the first question centers on the company's worldwide effective tax rate, followed by a question on how to reduce that rate.
multinational corporations, foreign-owned companies, foreign governments, and other special interests.
troops into a nasty war zone in the heart of Africa, as part of a multinational mission to help 1.
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