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a person whose material wealth is valued at more than a million dollars

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In addition, several of Epstein's accusers have filed major lawsuits against his estate since the multimillionaire was found dead in his cell last month.
The multimillionaire is accused of assaulting the 46-year-old domestic abuse campaigner on three occasions while they were dating.
Abu Dhabi: An Indian expatriate became the new multimillionaire of Big Ticket raffles after winning Dh10 million in the latest Big Ticket draw in Abu Dhabi on Sunday.
In that country, too, the voters thought the mere election of a multimillionaire politician to the presidency would magically end corruption and bring national prosperity.
The hardest hit was Ukraine, where Kiev's multimillionaire population fell by 10.2%.
The winner told Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) Vice Chair and General Manager Jose Ferdinand Rojas II that he randomly picked the combination, which made him a multimillionaire, 21 years after he first played the lottery.
A Russian multimillionaire and his family are due on the island for a four-month holiday at the luxurious Anassa hotel in the Akamas region, having reportedly dished out a whopping e1/4500,000 as down payment.
A LABOUR councillor has apologised after referring to Prince William and Kate Middleton as "multimillionaire parasites".
AN industrial estate connected to a multimillionaire businessman was raided by police, customs and other agencies at dawn yesterday.
He's the We l s h r u g b y player who's never quite made it to a World Cup and she's the extraordinar y multimillionaire singer and TV presenter who is wowing audiences on Over The Rainbow.
A PLANE which crashed in Tanzania killing a multimillionaire Cumbrian businessman and his family was flying in the wrong place at the wrong altitude, a coroner said.
SHE already has her own books, scent, a column and the multimillionaire footballer husband and Coleen Rooney's mission to take over the consumer world continues apace with the launch of her first jewellery range for Argos.
BOSTON -- Robert Hildreth, a multimillionaire who built his fortune trading in Latin American bonds, wants to create a national fund that would help post bail for undocumented workers seized by immigration authorities.