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having more than one story

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The proposed multilevel inverter uses three DC voltage sources, and seven switches to generate seven level output voltage.
Yet the Accord is still a useful case study for assessing multilevel governance as a potentially new and transformative model of Aboriginal policymaking in Canada.
There are different topologies of multilevel inverters, the most common are: neutral point clamped converters, flying capacitors converters and cascaded H bridge converters.
Addressing multilevel phenomena by taking a multilevel approach both theoretically and empirically can expand current theories and help develop new theoretical lenses for real-world problems--problems that, in real-world settings, generally do not exist within the vacuum of a single level.
The multilevel matrix converter opens new horizons to the family of matrix converter that integrates the multilevel converter thought with a conventional matrix converter.
These problems may be exacerbated in applications of variable frequency multilevel power converters (Pabon et al.
In this paper, a multilevel time domain fast dipole method (TDFDM) is proposed for solving the electromagnetic scattering from PEC targets.
The main purpose of this work is to conduct a quantitative study to show the advantage of supplying an induction machine by a multilevel inverter.
The CoR's Multilevel Governance Scoreboard, which monitors the progress of multilevel governance at EU level, demonstrates the persistence of deficits and gaps in observing the principle of multilevel governance, including in key EU dossiers, such as the Europe 2020' strategy, energy policy and the Stockholm Programme on immigration and asylum.
With an understanding of how to effectively use multilevel categorization, you can determine response times based on categories of issues instead of focusing on abstract priority values.
The knowledge-intensive nature of electron-beam technology and the small number of companies that have mastered it guarantee strong protection of Multilevel CLR images against counterfeit.
To meet the requirement for the high-power, medium-voltage electric distributions systems, the conventional three-phase three-wire or four-wire APF topologies have evolved into the multilevel and multi-cell topologies [6].
For these reasons a new family of multilevel inverter has emerged as the solution for working with higher voltage level [2].
International strategy empirical research on the mode of entry has typically overlooked the multilevel nature of this question and relied on non-multilevel quantitative methods.
Design and construction company Ob'edinenie Ingeocom ZAO has won a tender to design a multilevel parking complex at Domodedovo International Airport in Russia.
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