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Synonyms for multiflora

vigorously growing rose having clusters of numerous small flowers

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1 (Plains) Plains Joyweed 2015 Ammannia multiflora Jerry-jerry 2015 Atriplex lindleyi subsp.
multiflora extract, and then the apoptotic effects of capped GNPs with medical plant extract against cervical carcinoma HeLa cells were studied.
1130 0,375 1 0,109 Clusiaceae Clusia multiflora 110 0,036 0,6 0,065 Weinmannia Cunoniaceae mariquitae 470 0,156 1 0,109 Cyatheaceae Cyathea sp.
multiflora rose (Rosa multiflora), and oak-leaved goosefoot (Chenopodium glaucum; Myers et al.
Various herbal preparations have been reported for RAS management including Myrtus communis [11], chamomilla [2], Satureja khuzestanica [12], Zataria multiflora, Anthemis nobilis [11], and Punica granatum [21].
Meiotic behaviour of tetraploid Luzula multiflora has been studied by Jarolimova and Kirschner (1995).
Dentro de este tipo de mieles se pueden diferenciar las monoflorales o uniflorales y las multiflora les, multifloras, milflores, milflorales o poliflorales.
We determined percent total understory cover (< 1 m tall) in four circular plots with a 1-m diameter positioned 1 m from the nest in each cardinal direction as the percent of ground within the circle covered by vegetation (woody and herbaceous) estimated to the nearest five percentage points; the most common species included ferns, grasses, green-briar, multiflora rose Rosa multiflora, Rubus spp.
vegetation at the site was tropical dry forest and some common plants in the area were tzompantle, coral tree (Erythrina americana), Conzattia multiflora, Lysiloma divaricata, cuayotomate (Vitex mollis), chiclillo (Stemmadenia bella), firebush (Hameliapatens), and Bursera grandifolia.
azurea, Oxycaryum cubense, Talia multiflora, Salvinia biloba, Pistia stratiotes, Ludwigia peploides and Nymphaea prolifera.
The typical American yard was a scraggly garden of plantain, henbit, creeping pale, barberry and multiflora rose, a kind of meadow in miniature.
II Aldose reductase and a-glucosidase inhibitors from Brazilian natural medicine, the leaves of Myrcia multiflora DC.
For this reason the best strains of pansies for winter use have had medium sized flowers - Universal, which was the original winter flowering pansy, and more recently Panola, which is now the leading multiflora strain of pansy for winter use.