melting pot

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Synonyms for melting pot

an environment in which many ideas and races are socially assimilated

a vessel made of material that does not melt easily


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Kalyani Thurairajah's article connects multiculturism to imagined transnationalism by examining the loyalties and negotiated identities of Tamil Canadians.
Of course multiculturism can only work where citizens respect the laws of Bahrain and love the country in which they reside.
After Multiculturism: The Politics of Race and the Dialectics of Liberty.
Multiculturism in therapeutic recreation: Terminology clarification and practical suggestions.
"Booktalking Authentic Multicultural Literature: Fiction and History for Young Readers" is a guide for librarians trying to encourage multiculturism and reading in younger readers when dealing with the topic of history, drawing authors from many different ethnicities and helping librarians and educators to fully comply with the guidelines of No Child Left Behind.
Stevens, Plaut & Burks (2008) discovered that certain diversity initiatives can go against the very reason they were instituted and lead to feelings of exclusion in the beneficiaries and thus recommend an All- Inclusive Multiculturism (AIM) model.
The bombings in London and Madrid, the Paris riots and growing religious intolerances have driven some to comment on the uncertain road ahead for the future of Europe and to question the project of liberal multiculturism while others on the right talk of Europe's "self-liquidation." (There is not too much evidence of much learning here).
(1991), Going beyond cultural sensitivity on the road to multiculturism: Using the intercultural sensitizer.
Full integration will not happen, as Britain has demonstrated there is no such thing as multiculturism. It is a failed experiment in the minds of the misguided reformers.
We are forever being told how multiculturism is good for us but it certainly hasn't improved my quality of life when I read of young girls being forced to travel halfway round the world to marry complete strangers.
The Du Bois-Washington debate in the 21st century: Multiculturism and the African American community.
But, in the end, one must also stress that the book is not just an analysis of the Arab community of Montreal but also a reflection on the wider experience of Canadian multiculturism, particularly in Quebec.
Promoting multiculturism and organizational change in the counseling profession: A case study.
He says multiculturism is "fleeing from one's own", and a muslim country like Turkey shouldn't be allowed to join the EU.