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Synonyms for mull

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a term used in Scottish names of promontories

an island in western Scotland in the Inner Hebrides

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heat with sugar and spices to make a hot drink

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Throughout the process, the Mulls consulted with Kwon, explaining how USDA Rural Development's Cooperative Services program provides assistance to the rural residents and farmers in the United States.
The Mulls assisted NEI and the Kentucky ADT, providing guidance and advice to help establish the soybean farmers associations.
The projects the Mulls helped implement are now assisting 900 soybean farmers in Parwan Province and 550 soybean farmers in Kapisa Province.
A five-year contract with the World Food Program to purchase the soy flour has been negotiated by Kwon, thus creating an international market for the farmers of Parwan and Kapisa Provinces--all thanks to the teamwork of the Mulls, NEI, PBSC and Kentucky ADT.
The trustee acknowledged that the Mulls had advanced an additional $340,000 to the Debtor during the Insider Preference Period.
The Mulls responded by arguing that the "remains unpaid" requirement of the new value defense, contained in Section 547(c)(4)(B), did not invalidate their subsequently repaid advances to the Debtor as new value.
The Frey Mechanical court sided with the Mulls and upheld their assertion of the new value defense for the advances they had made to the Debtor during the Insider Preference Period, despite the Debtor's repayment of the advances.
While the Debtor repaid $740,000 to the Mulls during the Insider Preference Period, the Mulls made advances totaling $340,000 during this period that the Court had allowed as new value, despite their repayment.
No stranger to muddy fields himself, when he takes to the stage on Sunday he'll be carrying the flag of his birthplace on the island of Mull.
Colin, 30, said: "Glasgow is as much part of my identity as Mull, so it means a lot to me to be playing Gig On The Green."
With a name like the Mull Historical Society and a video shoot that features a sheep, you might expect nothing more than woolly Braveheart rock from the band.
And Colin is not complaining that his music is helping to usher Mull into the mainland music scene.