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a soup of eastern India that is flavored with curry

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SAVE: PS1.75 |Chicken Mulligatawny | |Soup (600g), Marks & Spencer, PS2.50, buy one get one half price.
Choose from Sweet Potato & Black Bean, Chicken, Spinach and Quinoa, Beetroot & Mint and Chicken Mulligatawny. 600g pots are just PS2.50.
You can sit in the gazebo and order the almost-forgotten Anglo-Indian dishes like a Mulligatawny soup or a mango curry.
There's a quick review of essential Indian spices, and then you're off to create Mulligatawny Soup, Kerala Fish Curry, Pork Vindaloo, Kashmiri Potato Curry and sweet-sour Date and Tamarind Chutney.
After deciding whether you wanted tomato, cream of chicken, oxtail or mulligatawny, all that was left to do was warm it through, put it in a bowl and tear off some white bread to dip in it.
The convenient sauces, whose flavors include Spanish Romesco with Saffron, Spicy Mustard with Brandy, and Mulligatawny Curry, "can be found in different departments, from deli to meat and seafood ...
Skipping the very tempting Mulligatawny Soup ($2.95 and a personal favorite), we ordered entrees next and basked in a cozy setting, among a few other diners in this mid-week visit.
Following are some of the items that were served: SOUPS: Shorba & mulligatawny
For years I thought Mulligatawny soup was some Russian goulash and I would say, 'Mull-eee-ga-tawnnnny, please' until someone explained it is merely 'Mullak Thanni' or pepper water, as in rasam.
"I asked him to cut a bit of the meat for me and I bit into it and chewed it and, do you know, it tasted like mulligatawny soup.
It makes a delightful aperitif, but it can also accompany light meats, such as turkey, or partner it with a turtle or Mulligatawny soup for a sensational change.
These contained vacuum flasks of mulligatawny soup, fog-lamps, distress flares, freshly signed wills and tear-stained testaments, King James Bibles, that weekend's Lottery numbers and keys to the potting sheds.
B introduced us to such dishes as mulligatawny soup and authentic Indian curries with all the condiments, fried plantains and all manner of Southern fare, to which Mr.
HUNGRY Lloyd Parnell swallowed a spoonful of Tesco mulligatawny soup - and choked on a 4cm (1 1/2 ins) chip of WOOD.