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Irish version of burgoo

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Mulligan Stew presents us with an exhibition of words, or signifiers, freed from any referential concerns.
"Mulligan Stew and the Political Fantasies of America's Literary Factions," 2: 53-77.
He warned me 'bout the railroad bulls and told me where the hobo camps that made the best mulligan stew were on the way from Kansas to California.
As you will recall, mulligan stew was a dish popular with wandering homeless men during the Great Depression.
But it might he instructive, and a great deal of fun, to commune now and again with the spirit of Babe Ruth--or to share a tin can banquet of Mulligan stew with Billie and her fellow tramps.
He ran tests on the mulligan stew. He even studied the kites he flew.
Sky Changes (1966) parodies a quest; Steelwork (1971) and Imaginary Qualities of Actual Things (1971) are fictions without plot; Mulligan Stew (1979) is a literary potpourri with authors, characters, critics, and publishers thrown together; Aberrations of Starlight (1980) features multiple points of view; and Crystal Vision (1981) is almost exclusively dialogue.
The bagpipers, the Irish step dancers, Mulligan Stew Band and "Himself'' are all warming up for one of Clinton's greatest Leprechaun Convention yet.
Mulligan stew is a hobo dish, a "hotchpotch" a concoction of available meat, potatoes, onions, etc., usually made by Irish immigrants in United States homeless camps at the turn of the century.
In reality, raising a family is more like a mulligan stew, where you throw in what is available and there's no such thing as the same dinner twice.
Sooner than Tess can say "mulligan stew," the smooth-talking con man has seduced his way into the beds of both his hostesses, resurrecting their long-dormant passions and reawakening their lust for life- as evidenced by the fact that they have traded in their support hose and granny dresses for bustiers and mini-dresses from "Le Trashy Chic" boutique.
This article explores these problems through the example of Mulligan Stew, exposing interrelated aspects of metafictional narrative technique and the roles played by such procedures in creating impossible fictional-world structures.
As usual, attendees will be treated to bagpipers, Irish rhythm dancers, live Irish rebel music (by Mulligan Stew), 50/50 Pot o' Gold raffle tickets, $50 Dream Tickets for $5,000 plus additional cash prizes (only 300 sold), an Irish baking contest, great craic' and barrels of blarney, according to Sheridan.
MULLIGAN STEW PET FOOD--Jackson, WY; (888) 364-7839;
Gilbert Sorrentino's Flawless Play Restored: The Masque of Fungo, first published separately in 1974 as part of a novel in progress and in 1979 as a section of Mulligan Stew, (1) is a hilarious marriage of two literary-generic traditions.