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a worker who drives mules

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The book also explains exactly why there were so many Cypriots without jobs at the time, why the British recruited Cypriots for what was actually known as the Macedonia mule corps, and how both mules and muleteers were treated by the colonial power.
(8) Other examples would be Leonora's duena, Marialonso, in "El celoso extremeno," whose garb would be so universally recognizable as to need no description, and the muleteers who appear in several of the works.
Over 16,000 Cypriots, both Turkish and Greek, fought in WWI -- roughly 25 per cent of males of military age, the majority of whom joined the ranks of the Macedonian Muleteer Corps.
Young Hill, 28, from Wilson, Louisiana, worked as a muleteer - somebody who looks after mules - on the SS Antillian, which sailed from New Orleans on July 6, 1915.
LH: Does the muleteer actually move all those clocks with a man in them?
In a scene that develops in the province of the Aymaraes, along with a Spanish muleteer we see a personage with chin adornment leading a horse with alforjas full with six children procreated by priests.
Walker argues that this partnership should not be considered exceptional, not only an extension of Bastidas's long-standing involvement in the wide-ranging commercial dealings of her muleteer husband, but as typical of Andean marriages of this period, in which women often were engaged extensively with the cash economy and managed the household budget.
The priest made the necessary arrangements with a muleteer and sent her to our Hassitshe agent, from where she was sent to us."
(42) In terms of labor, a very experienced muleteer could charge up to 10 pesos per month, while a skilled textile worker earned up to 5 pesos a month.
Banker, an authority on the painter, told me at the press opening that Piero's father was a muleteer, a lucrative form of commercial transport in the fifteenth century.
The songs, 'The Muleteer's Serenade' and 'The Millwheel (Winter)', were discovered in the sketchbooks of the legendary composer at the British Library, the BBC reported.
Indeed, Cervantes's diction in chapter three appears to introduce a motif--the mariscos and medicine--that will be explored below when Don Quixote, before striking the first muleteer, warns him that he has put himself at great risk by offending the honor of a knight: "No se curo el harriero destas razones--y fuera mejor que se curara, porque fuera curarse en salud" (1.3:51).
While other intrepid ADVENTURERSwere bound for more ambitiousprojects over several days, we set offwith our guide and muleteer Mohammed, plus a donkey.
Perhaps the most striking of the visitors is Bill Harvey, a family friend who has fought overseas as a muleteer. Like Mrs.