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Synonyms for mulct

a sum of money levied as punishment for an offense

to impose a fine on

to get money or something else from by deceitful trickery

Synonyms for mulct

money extracted as a penalty

impose a fine on

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It is desirable that courts of justice should be open to all men, and that suitors should not be deterred from pursuing their rights through fear that they should be compelled to pay for the loss of time of their adversary, nor from using, in good faith, the process of the court and the means of redress prescribed by law, through apprehensions that they should be mulct in vindictive damages, if from any unforeseen cause, they should fail in their action.
Trump's proposal to build a wall and enhance border security may have some merit, but his plan to mulct the money out of the Mexicans is pie-in-the-sky demagoguery.
First, to be a Satisfaction or Compensation of that debt which is contracted by the violation of the Law: For as we have before shewne, and shall more fully shew in the next Chapter; there is an Obligation in case of every Law truely so caused to the obedience of it, and by the Act of Disobedience there grows a kind of forfeiture to the Governor from the Govern'd, which because what is done by such violation cannot be infectum [undone]: thence there (e) ariseth a just Exaction of a penalty or Mulct (15) upon the /fol.
Con una nota su Incipite Domino di Pietro Lappin") gives an account of the role of instrumental writing in the corpus of mulct publications in the early seicento.
SANA'A, Feb.20 (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh said on Monday goodbye to the power ,which he said would remain a mulct and not a gain in his view and view of all wise men.
thou shalt hauea punishment of mine own deuise, to see the ignorance of or forefathers, that knew not how to fit a mulct to an offence, how improperlye haue they set women behind the cart, & then whipt 'hem inhumanlye, I will therefore alter the practise abate the whipping, haue thee &thy confederats, if they may be come by [and] draw a cart along the streets on a solemn day, & this is yoriudgmt (1129-37) Thrifty performs his 'charity' as a rural JP who has to live alongside the families he encounters on the bench.
Conspiracy theorists often cite the fact that the Fed is officially owned by its 12 private member banks as evidence that the whole system is a means for private bankers to mulct the public.
(53) Litigation--a collection tactic heavily subsidized by the public--proved to be a lucrative and easily available tool by which to mulct payment from charged-off accounts.
At each one the bosses, always heralded as geniuses, had invented elaborate plans for freeing themselves from the humdrum of public service and setting out to mulct the world--and in each case these plans collapsed for all the usual, predictable reasons, while workers and customers screamed and mom and pop shareholders discovered they weren't going to retire in Hawaii after all.
[T]he evidence is ambivalent as to whether the purported repudiation results from nonfraudulent economic calculation or from fraudulent intent to mulct Bell....
Ebdane did not elaborate other than to say that ''all terrorists are extortionists out to create chaos and mulct money.''
Must we account him a "bad king," sacrificing the interests of England, where he resided for only a few months in a reign of nine and a half years, concerned only to mulct the realm for the benefit of his principal life's work, the Crusade?
Himself, proud Henry's favourite peer, Held Romish thunders, idle fear, Secure his pardon he might hold, For some slight mulct of penance-gold.
Osbert's own sexual life was a homo-erotic turmoil, until, that is, the emergence of that, as it turned out, 'not impossible he', David Homer, who alternately mulct and succoured him through forty not entirely glorious years.
55: [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] means `and they will mulct me' not `and I will be killed'.