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a protective covering of rotting vegetable matter spread to reduce evaporation and soil erosion

cover with mulch

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This is because the film mulch treatments can significantly increase the root biomass (Jia et al.
* For new plants, shrubs or trees, install them in the soil before you add mulch and allow plenty of room to grow.
Soil temperature: Soil temperature was favourably moderated by mulch treatments during both the years (Figure 4 and 5) as compared to unmulched control (UM) at 15 cm soil depth.
Black polythene mulch treatment always retains higher soil temperature compared to rice straw mulch (Table 3).
Old hay can also be used as a mulch. Unlike straw, hay often has seeds in it which you don't want in your garden.
Once the soil layer is moist, a layer of mulch helps to keep it from drying.
Modified soil temperature, improved soil micro-environment, weed and other pest suppression, and augmented soil organic matter can be enlisted as the salient benefits of mulch application (Farooq et al., 2011; Li et al., 2013; Tian et al., 2013).
Analysis of variance result shows that relation between altitude and mulch type did not significantly affect on number and wide of leaves of 'lembah palu' shallot at 40 days after planting.
mellonella larvae in both nematode treated groups (with and without mulch), indicating that S.
Forty years ago, the mulch used was the bark stripped off trees at lumber mills.
Use of sugarcane trash material as mulch instead of burning in the field may prove to be the cheapest source for soil moisture conservation suppression of weeds and increased nutrient use efficiency which ultimately will result in vigorous growth increasing yield and quality sugarcane crop.
For the experiments, the offset round-bale unroller was used to apply hay and wheat straw mulch to between-row areas of Crimson Sweet watermelons in 2009 and 2010.
I've found that one of the best ways of accomplishing that is to cover the ground with a blanket of mulch. Not only is it one of the easiest and quickest garden chores to take care of, its impact is far-reaching and at times can be the reason a plant thrives.
At least twice a year, I buy mulch in bulk at the nursery.