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Synonyms for muffler

a tubular acoustic device inserted in the exhaust system that is designed to reduce noise

a scarf worn around the neck

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a device that decreases the amplitude of electronic, mechanical, acoustical, or aerodynamic oscillations

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on the lining, and a white silk muffler: there was no mistaking the fact that these costly articles were the property of Julius Beaufort.
'That's Brunton's muffler. I have seen it on him, and could swear to it.
It was rather a silent drive, for Will obediently kept his muffler up, and Tom fell into a brown study.
'Dinner-time, eh!' repeated Toby, using his right-hand muffler like an infantine boxing-glove, and punishing his chest for being cold.
Making, with his leaky shoes, a crooked line of slushy footprints in the mire; and blowing on his chilly hands and rubbing them against each other, poorly defended from the searching cold by threadbare mufflers of grey worsted, with a private apartment only for the thumb, and a common room or tap for the rest of the fingers; Toby, with his knees bent and his cane beneath his arm, still trotted.
It was drawn by two powerful horses driven by a coachman whose face was almost concealed in the long folds of a muffler. In front of this traveling-carriage were three broughams, belonging respectively to Carlotta, who had suddenly returned to Paris, to Sorelli and, at the head of the rank, to Comte Philippe de Chagny.
He sat in the spring sunshine outside the burrow, in a muffler; smoking a pipe of rabbit tobacco.
"'Well, never mind, I will do without it,' cried little Hans, and he took down his great fur coat, and his warm scarlet cap, and tied a muffler round his throat, and started off.
Trunks had to be carried down and mufflers looked for.
On the next Tuesday morning at four o'clock hot coffee was going on in the housekeeper's and matron's rooms; boys wrapped in great-coats and mufflers were swallowing hasty mouthfuls, rushing about, tumbling over luggage, and asking questions all at once of the matron; outside the School-gates were drawn up several chaises and the four-horse coach which Tom's party had chartered, the postboys in their best jackets and breeches, and a cornopean player, hired for the occasion, blowing away "A southerly wind and a cloudy sky," waking all peaceful inhabitants half-way down the High Street.
Summary: Fact.MR's latest report projects that the global automotive exhaust muffler market will reach a valuation of around US$ 10,166.2 Mn by the end of 2022.
[UKPRwire, Fri Aug 02 2019] The global automotive exhaust muffler market is expected to witness a sluggish growth over the next five years.
While carrying out Canadian AD CF90-03-R2, large leaks were found in the area surrounding the muffler tail pipe area under the structure for supporting the heat muff shroud.
Under the ordinance, a motorcycle driver with a noisy muffler will be fined P1,000 for the first offense, P2,000 for the second and P5,000 for the third.
Tenders are invited for Supply of muffler heavy duty through conventional method