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a sweet quick bread baked in a cup-shaped pan

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This over, Sir Matthew Pupker went on to say what must be his feelings on that great occasion, and what must be that occasion in the eyes of the world, and what must be the intelligence of his fellow-countrymen before him, and what must be the wealth and respectability of his honourable friends behind him, and lastly, what must be the importance to the wealth, the happiness, the comfort, the liberty, the very existence of a free and great people, of such an Institution as the United Metropolitan Improved Hot Muffin and Crumpet Baking and Punctual Delivery Company!
Mr Ralph Nickleby seconded the resolution, and another gentleman having moved that it be amended by the insertion of the words 'and crumpet' after the word 'muffin,' whenever it occurred, it was carried triumphantly.
The second resolution, which recognised the expediency of immediately abolishing 'all muffin (or crumpet) sellers, all traders in muffins (or crumpets) of whatsoever description, whether male or female, boys or men, ringing hand-bells or otherwise,' was moved by a grievous gentleman of semi-clerical appearance, who went at once into such deep pathetics, that he knocked the first speaker clean out of the course in no time.
And when the petition had been read and was about to be adopted, there came forward the Irish member (who was a young gentleman of ardent temperament,) with such a speech as only an Irish member can make, breathing the true soul and spirit of poetry, and poured forth with such fervour, that it made one warm to look at him; in the course whereof, he told them how he would demand the extension of that great boon to his native country; how he would claim for her equal rights in the muffin laws as in all other laws; and how he yet hoped to see the day when crumpets should be toasted in her lowly cabins, and muffin bells should ring in her rich green valleys.
Then, the gentleman who had been at Crockford's all night, and who looked something the worse about the eyes in consequence, came forward to tell his fellow-countrymen what a speech he meant to make in favour of that petition whenever it should be presented, and how desperately he meant to taunt the parliament if they rejected the bill; and to inform them also, that he regretted his honourable friends had not inserted a clause rendering the purchase of muffins and crumpets compulsory upon all classes of the community, which he --opposing all half-measures, and preferring to go the extreme animal-- pledged himself to propose and divide upon, in committee.
"Nancy," directed her mistress, sharply, "you may set the muffins down and go at once to Miss Pollyanna's room and shut the windows.
Release date- 01082019 - Dawn Foods is giving bakers and caterers the opportunity to expand their savoury, food to go and breakfast offerings with the launch of an easy to use savoury muffin mix.
These citrussy muffins are lovely and light, and make a delicious pudding served with ice cream or thick Greek yogurt
The new creation, available now, is a delicate lemon muffin practically fizzing with a smooth raspberry and lemon curd filling, topped with delicate pink sugar crystals and decorated with an edible yellow straw; all wrapped up in a vibrant pink and white gingham muffin case, evoking the traditional summer picnic blanket.
"Our new Laurens County facility will house high-capacity baking equipment, which will produce muffins, cupcakes, pound cakes, crme cakes and more, all sold across the United States and internationally through leading retail grocers and food service channels.
Bake for 20-22 mins, or until a skewer inserted into the middle of a muffin comes out clean.
Quick and Easy Blueberry Muffins - For those not into all the extra ingredients or the over-the-top recipes, this ( Inspired Taste one is a nice, simple muffin for purists.
Push half a fig into each muffin. Slice the remaining figs and place a slice or two on top of each muffin.
The other day, I came across a recipe for strawberry jam muffins at the back of a package of Maya all-purpose flour.
Moose, carefully carrying his muffin in his teeth, hurries into the house where he hopes there might be some jam for it.