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the Muslim official of a mosque who summons the faithful to prayer from a minaret five times a day

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It is with the muezzin's call to prayer, heralding the advent of dawn, that they begin their fast, and with it, at sunset, that they end it.
And here you cannot reflect on the genesis of adhan without evoking the name of Bilal Bin Rabah, or simply Bilal, as he is often referred to when his legacy as the first muezzin in Islam is evoked, a figure with an honoured place in modern Islamic Studies and, more recently, in the imagination of African-American Muslims.
The Bangladeshi muezzin beat Shaikh Abduljalil Hmood with a metal rod until he died after morning prayers inside the Bin Shiddah Mosque in Muharraq, where they both worked, on August 4 last year.
The Public Prosecution referred the Muezzin for criminal trial after all evidences, including the suspects' and eyewitnesses' testimonies as well as medical, forensic and technical reports, confirmed the accusations.
The Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs has opened three new mosques with residences for the imams and the muezzins, located in the Aba Al-hiran, Librethat and Al-Seej areas.
Hanini explains that the call starts at the King Abdullah I "Blue" mosque where the country's "most-famous" muezzin makes the call, which is then transmitted to every other mosque in the city -- hence the fractional real-time delay.
A report released on Monday by the Jerusalem Post suggests that the forthcoming 'Muezzin Bill' has been altered so as to increase the powers by which police can punish offenders, including the confiscation of loudspeakers and a minimum fine of NIS 10,000.
A journalist who preferred to speak on condition of anonymity said the voice of the muezzin repels him from entering the mosque, preferring to pray at home instead.
The muezzin claimed to prosecutors that he left the suspect and a co-worker at his new residence to do some work and went to the mosque to call for the prayer.
Mosques needle the sky, the muezzin's plaintive call covering
L'appel a la priere, " adhan ", est recite par le muezzin cinq fois par jour, generalement via un systeme de sonorisation puissant installe sur les minarets.
The bill, dubbed the "muezzin bill," has garnered criticism from Muslims, Christians and Jews in the country, but has been supported by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
He accused Israel of "policies of repression and discrimination against our Palestinian brothers" and condemned the so-called Israeli "Muezzin Law," which would prohibit houses of worship from using loudspeakers, specifically mosques, which disturb the sleep of nearby residents when the Muezzin calls worshipers to prayer in the early hours of the morning.
The call to prayer is given by a muezzin, who is specially trained in the melody of the chant.
Loosely based on the life of Bilal ibn Rabah, a companion of the Prophet who was born a slave and became the first muezzin (the man who calls the faithful to prayer), "Bilal" avoids any Immediate controversy by only obliquely mentioning Mohammed, Instead emphasizing the socially just origins of the religion.