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mixture of untoasted dry cereals and fruits

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Kellogg's Origins blends European traditions, such as hearty muesli, with the textures of seeds and the distinct flavors of apricots and coconuts.
The Cranberry and Nut Oatbran Muesli another top favourite, is the perfect way to get added nutritious oatbran into your diet without compromising on taste.
If he's not talking animatedly about the best oats to use in a muesli, he's waxing lyrical about how to make a great-tasting cup of coffee, complaining about how he was robbed at the 2011 World Porridge Making Championship - or bemoaning the lack of innovation in the cereals market.
Summary: German organic food company Rapunzel Naturkost has invested in two Ishida RS multihead weighers for the weighing and packing of four diverse products, including muesli, dried fruit and cashew nuts, and a new range of gourmet, ready-to-eat dishes containing rice, vegetables and spices.
Unsweetened muesli with skimmed milk and a chopped pear.
When eaten with semi-skimmed milk, the mueslis provide all 44 of the essential nutrients required to maintain good health - they're a balanced meal in a bowl
Rich - The best selling traditional style-organic muesli, made with the finest oats grown in South East England and with over 40% fruit, nuts and seeds make this the perfect start to your day.
Mueslis don't get much less fattening - you'll need to go for a flake cereal to cut calories more.
If you are nutty about breakfast Marks & Spencer's new range of mueslis will make your day.
Its extensive assortment includes various herbal teas, rice crackers, mueslis and muesli bars and natural jam.
The new range has a lower price point than Alara's current organic mueslis.
Better for you than Coco Pops as it's high in fibre but it has a high calorie content and most other mueslis are healthier.
Dorset Cereals makes Mueslis, Granolas, Tasty Fruit & Fibre, Tasty Low Fat Flakes, Porridges and Cereal Bars.
The 25-strong portfolio will also switch to box formats--currently Alara mueslis are packaged in a mixture of paper bags and boxes.
One bowl has a quarter of a woman's guideline daily amount of gut-healthy fibre - most mueslis contain just a fifth.