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Synonyms for mudslinging

an attempt to destroy someone's reputation

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Speaking to Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) National Media Arbitrator Chador Wangdi said mudslinging on social media has been growing by the day since and before the elections.
They should not engage in mudslinging. Related government authorities, including the Central Election Commission, ought to spare no efforts to ensure a fair election.
I've not seen anything from that that talks about Kevin in a negative way except for, 'Look at all the mudslinging he's doing,'" Crenshaw said.
In response to the statements that emerged in the media, Nawaz, in a statement today, advised Zardari to refrain from war of words and mudslinging. The former premier also questioned whether Zardari was so innocent that he got duped by him [Nawaz].
"I didn't talk to any journalist yesterday." In response to the statements that emerged in the media, Nawaz, in a statement today, advised Zardari to refrain from war of words and mudslinging.
"You may call it as you like, but there should be the result of an unbiased investigation," Peskov told reporters, "As there is no such investigation any accusations are nothing but mudslinging," he said.
'I always believed that the most appropriate manner to answer the mudslinging by the government was for Weeratunga to return to Sri Lanka and make a statement to the police in response to the charges made against him.
Addressing a ceremony here, he warned his opponents that the political mudslinging would only yield negative results.
KUWAIT -- The Minister of Information issues a Ministerial Resolution stipulating total ban on primaries, tit-for-tat mudslinging among hopefuls for parliamentary seats or granting "financial incentives" for voters.
Summary: The Bekaa tragedy Thursday was a stark reminder of where politicians' focus and full energy should be exerted instead of their typical mudslinging and theatrics.
Apparently the mudslinging between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has become pretty bad.
"For us, he is no more than a common sycophant, and we shall no longer deal with his mudslinging and lies," he added.
I also feel that we, the public, have a duty to scratch under the surface and examine the facts rather than just criticising: mature conversation and debate is needed, not mudslinging.
IT is quite clear from some of the recent correspondents to Feedback that the Left of British politics are going to focus on personalities, innuendo, the politics of envy and strife and downright mudslinging in the General Election campaign to come.
Sensationalism: Murder, Mayhem, Mudslinging, Scandals, and Disasters in 19th-Century Reporting provides a fine survey considering the history and presence of sensationalism in the press: how it's defined, how it evolved, and its past and present impact on news delivery and choices.