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one who spreads real or alleged scandal about another (usually for political advantage)

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Mitchell, a Washington journalist who is now special assistant for the Food and Drug Administration, lists the 1950 Florida Senate race in the mudslingers' hall of fame.
As early as two days after mudslinger super typhoon Haiyan ripped through the Philippines, members of the G20 nations as well as other countries immediately took action to pledge financial aid.
Whether you wish to build the mud motor of your dreams or prefer to buy a turn-key mudslinger, BPS has it covered.
TURF LUCK Michael Owen celebrates his goal - shortly before getting injured - as the Wembley surface cuts up MUDSLINGER James MiIner condemned thestate of the Wembley pitch
Paul Nolan won this with Accordion Etoile in 2004 and seems to have another goodground horse in Mudslinger.
SATURDAY The inaugural Mudslinger 10K features 40 percent gravel and 60 percent trail as it loops 6.2 miles from Blodgett School, 16 miles west of Corvallis.
Opposition research often drives dirty politics, but let's be candid: oppo (as it's called) makes things interesting in no small part because of its potential to ruin the candidate as much as the mudslinger. Most major campaigns and both major parties have portions of their staff dedicated to research.
With Senator Dole sliding in Kansas polls as Election Day approached, Owen, his state campaign chairman, crafted one of the most notorious political television spots in Kansas history, nicknamed the "mudslinger ad;' which substantially helped Dole's re-election.
Needless to say, Confiant's book has already fomented bitter controversies, and the author has been variously called a parricide, a mudslinger, and an adroit manipulator of facts.
Mud Buddy offers 85 models ranging from a 14 horsepower to the HD7000, a 65-horsepower mudslinger. Some lightweight models should appeal to hunters running smaller boats.
Seven Irish-trained hurdlers were among the list of acceptors yesterday: Jubilant Note, Silver Jaro, Stage Manager, Cuan Na Grai, Schelm, Mudslinger and The God Of Love.
Russell should also strike in the novice hurdle with Mudslinger. He was a comfortable winner of a Wexford maiden hurdle last month and shouldn't have any trouble confirming form with Conquistadores.
Paul Nolan, trainer of Cuan Na Grai and Mudslinger "Both horses are in good order and we're hoping they run respectably.
Similarly, if the Willie Mullins-trained Emerson Breeze, placed in bumpers won by Mudslinger and Rickardstown, is forgiven a poor run behind Cait Ni Chaonaigh at Wexford, there's good reason to suggest he might open his account in the Kilcash Flat Race.
After all, his audience knew that Loeb, the eccentric, reactionary mudslinger, had called Bush "unfit" for the nomination in 1980 and a "spoiled little rich kid." Of course, that was also the year when Bush, not yet enlightened, attacked Reagan for his "voodoo economics."