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a landslide of mud

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According to News 18 report, the man was standing outside his house along his mother when the mudslide appeared from nowhere, uprooting everything in its path.
Summary: Kyushu [Japan], Jul 4 (ANI): Bracing for mudslides and flooding, over a million people have been ordered to evacuate as heavy rains continue to lash the southwestern Japanese region of Kyushu on Thursday.
According to reporter , the girls, Shoki Ashraf Wagay, Shahista Farooq Rathar and Sabreena, were passing when suddenly mudslide hit and injured them critically at Hardshiva in the town.
It attributed the mudslide to the heavy rains that have battered the country for several weeks.
Troops of the Armed Forces of Liberia and the Police Support Unit (PSU) of the Liberia National Police are heavily deployed in the Kartee Gold Mines in Gbanipea, District Six, Nimba County where nearly 45 illicit miners died in mudslides a week ago.
Susan Gordon, 76, of Sausalito, California, was asleep in a room on the second floor of her home early Thursday morning when a mudslide spurred by a fierce thunderstorm tore through her duplex. 
She and her son were reportedly sleeping when the mudslide hit their home, police said.
On the whole, 1,404 families were placed in safe areas for the mudslide prone period," the Emergency Minister explained.
The labourers were trapped under the mudslide but died before they could be rescued.The local people dug out the bodies from debris and shifted them to ahospital where they were handed over to heirs after medico-legal formalities.
However, Jones put insurers on notice that both the Insurance Code and case law have established the legal doctrine of "efficient proximate cause" which means if the facts show the Thomas Fire, a covered peril, was the efficient proximate cause of the subsequent mudflow, mudslides, debris flow, landslide, or other similar event, then damage caused by those events should be covered under the property owner's insurance policy.
29 regarding homeowners' claims from the recent mudslides and debris flows.
While loss caused directly by fire would generally be covered, property policies, such as the ISO Homeowners policy, usually contain anti-concurrent causation language applicable to the earth movement exclusion, which includes landslide, mudslide, and mudflow.
RESCUE workers were digging through rubble last night in search of 600 missing, possibly buried alive, after a mudslide hit a village in Guatemala.
RESCUERS are digging through piles of earth and snow on a popular trekking route in Nepal, where an entire village was buried by a mudslide triggered by the earthquake that struck the region 10 days ago.
A mudslide triggered by monsoon rains buried scores of workers' houses at a tea estate in central Sri Lanka on Wednesday, killing at least 10 people and leaving more than 250 missing, officials said.