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ritual hand movement in Hindu religious dancing

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I request District Collector to prepare a roadmap and initiate steps to provide Mudra Loans to small businesses and vendors to help rebuild," he said.
The Bank financed '3145 crore to 128221 beneficiaries during April - December 2018 under Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana, including an amount of '664 crore to 26454 beneficiaries through a specific scheme for financing of light commercial vehicle during April - December 2018.
It is believed that banks need to lend INR1tn to meet the target set by the government under MUDRA. MUDRA loans are granted for non-agricultural activities of up to INR1m.
One such example was Rama Vaidyanathan's Vivartana which was created for Mudra 2017 where the theme was "transformation".
The Mudra Foundation, based in Muttontown, NY, was founded by Dr.
There are five crore Mudra loan beneficiaries and the target would be met even if 20 per cent of them within the age group of 18-40 years are covered under this, he said.
We want to extend support to them under the Mudra scheme," financial services secretary Rajiv Kumar told reporters here.
He said the Khechari Mudra or tongue lock is a powerful yoga practice where the tongue is rolled up to touch the soft palate and then inserted into the nasal cavity behind the palette.
By March next year, micro loans doled out by banks and non-bank entities without any collateral - Mudra loans as they are called - would cross the Rs5 lakh crore mark.
The ad was produced by DDB Mudra to endorse the 50-year-old pan masala brand, Pan Bahar.
On the contrary, a large number of people believe that the government's efforts in tackling black money or its thrust on generating employment through flagship schemes like Mudra Yojna and Startup India have not been quite effective.
Parivritta trikonasana Image Credit: Gulf News archives Sethu Bandhasana Image Credit: Gulf News archives Padmasana with chin mudra Image Credit: Gulf News archives Bharat Thakur, Special to tabloid!
Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses during distribution of E rickshaws under Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana launched under Stand up India Scheme in Noida on Tuesday.
Jnana mudra (el mudra de la sabiduria) "El principal objetivo del yoga es conseguir que la humanidad y la conciencia cosmica formen una unidad.
Under martial rule and under the watchful eyes of marshals all our legislators should be subjected to Surya namaskar for fifteen minutes before the day's session to put some sense into them and be taught the right way of practising a few meditation mudras like anjali mudra (prayer seal), dyani mudra, (empty bowl seal) bhairava mudra (doble hand bowl seal), chinmaya mudra (thumb-finger curl seal) and adi mudra (fist seal) etc., which are meant to relax reflex zones.