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a reed hut in the marshlands of Iraq

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Led by the PRT's public diplomacy officer, the training was held in a "mudhif," or traditional Iraqi meeting house, the PRT constructed.
Marsh Arabs build their island family dwellings and the cathedral-like mudhif or tribal guest house from these 13 foot high reeds.
The 'mudhif' is the centre of the social and cultural system, providing a focus for the community.
Instead of common lineage, territory and a more agrarian livelihood and a rural guesthouse (mudhif), the new tribes are led by educated, middle-class professionals and civil servants who rent apartments in the city.
For example, in southern Iraq today rural houses regularly have a reception room (mudhif) constructed independently of the rest of the house, and accessible directly from the outside without penetrating to the internal courtyard.
" He added: "The officials of the two local governments assured us that the origin of the relationship between the two countries is good neighborliness and popular willingness to cooperate." He explained that "the delegation has already touched, on the ground, the popular desire when the people of the city of Chabaish in Dhi Qar opened their homes and hosted them in their host places (Mudhif) amid great hospitality reflected by the generosity of the Iraqis and their good creation.