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a curved piece above the wheel of a bicycle or motorcycle to protect the rider from water or mud thrown up by the wheels

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Its front mudguard is made to be durable and to allow the tamper-proof mounting of a new front lighting system that incorporates a laser projector of a cycle image five metres ahead on the road, to pre-warn pedestrians of the oncoming cyclist.
He said: "Every time I go to a meeting and get ready to race I touch Pepsi's picture on my mudguard. She is still with me.
Investigating officer Det Con Nadine Harding said: "The young girl has done brilliantly in providing us with information, including detail like the rear mudguard on his bike and that he had a back-pack.
Featuring 22 diamonds, a signed shirt sealed behind lacquer on the petrol tank and a picture of the Croxteth-born striker on the mudguard, the bike will be sold off next month.
For example, a mudguard modeled in polycarbonate and mounted on a prototype motorbike has completed tests at speeds in excess of 136 miles/hour.
Yet even apart from the mudguard issue - and, sorry, I have far too sad a relationship with the washing machine ever to be convinced that the mud-splattered look is in any way cool - mountain bikes are unsuitable for children because they are so heavy.
I worked with Bob at the Midland Motorcycle Mudguard in the 60s.
Rossi's decisive passing manoeuvre on his Gauloises Yamaha was so fractional that it ripped off part of the front mudguard on Gibernau's Movistar Honda.
He was riding his own bike behind her and w atchedJenny wrestle with her bike to keep it straight after a tailbagcame loose and jammed between her rear wheel and the mudguard.
He was riding a blue mountain bike with a mudguard on the rear wheel, which also had a loose spoke.
A METAL mudguard may have caused the fiery Concorde crash which killed 113 people.
It also has a re-styled rear section cowl, sidecovers and a new front mudguard with aerodynamic slots to improve high speed stability.
It has limited edition body decals on the front mudguard, apron and engine cover, while wheels and exposed part of the powertrain have been given black treatment to go with the dual-tone body colour.
e stolen bikes are a silver GT Avalanche and a blackSpecializedHardrock Sport Disc 2011 with white handlebars and white rear mudguard.
A straight alloy-blade fork with mudguard mounts saves weight and adds durability to manage potholes and rough roads, while alloyed, double-wall, 24mm rims are light and strong, with machined sidewalls for sure braking.