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stupid and confused

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When asked about problems they have when they are sleep-deprived, both male and female respondents mention daytime sleepiness, muddleheadedness and lassitude.
(20.) Lloyd George would later condemn the attacks on Gaza, stating they "had been the most perfect sample exhibited on either side in any theatre during this Great War of that combination of muddleheadedness, misunderstanding, and sheer funk, which converts an assured victory into a humiliating defeat." Lloyd George, War Memoirs of David Lloyd George, 201.
Both have been built up, according to Black, chiefly by Roosevelt's admirers, who soft-pedalled his Machiavellianism, accentuated his muddleheadedness, and then came to believe their own caricature:
To the left: I am astounded at the muddleheadedness of this sudden need to cast the question in larger terms.
Barone's muddleheadedness is shown by his apparently shocked remark that "the term 'Japs' was used routinely and without embarrassment in headlines and by public officials." Yes, people used "Jap." They also used terms like kraut and Hun.
It has also been greatly helped by the muddleheadedness, oppositionism and internecine bickering of those who might have offered an effective alternative.