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stupid and confused

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Now together in a new edition featuring 4 Ruth Park classics about the Muddleheaded Wombat is The Muddleheaded Wombat Ruth Park/Noela Young (A&R $14.99 pbk) and in one large volume Stories of the Wild West Gang Joy Cowley/ Trevor Pye (Gecko Press NZ$29.99)
The chip relating to the muddleheaded view of outsiders that our green and pleasant city is wasteland of concrete and asphalt.
We have to assume the worst and take drastic action (the sort that Ali shuns) to limit the potential consequences of our muddleheaded stewardship of the planet.
Despite his important role in raising the profile of global warming on the international stage, Mr Blair's leadership in the UK has been "patchy and muddleheaded" on the issue, said Jonathon Porritt, chairman of the Government's Sustainable Development Commission.
Probably only a muddleheaded art critic would ask such a question about genetics, but here goes anyway: What's the ontological status of a genotype?
THE POEM OF THE CURTAIN, from the Karagoz play, The Muddleheaded
His actions in the lead up to war were as muddleheaded and inefficient as M's licences-to-bug team.
It is high time that Japan stopped discussing national security from the perspective of a muddleheaded pacifism, whose adherents say protecting national security is fine as long as the SDF's activities are restrained.
McConnell told Newsday, "there is no more distinguished jurist in the land" than Bork and criticized the alleged alternative--Supreme Court nominees who are "unknown, muddleheaded middle-of-the-roaders."
However, I wonder if he has seen how muddleheaded his logic is and how disconnected he is about today's church at the parish level about gays.
Ari Armstrong, a researcher with the Golden, Colorado--based Independence Institute, has faulted Colorado's school board for approving ambiguous and muddleheaded math materials and tests.