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A farmer has demanded an apology from Pershore Rural Council for what one of its Socialist members, Mr J P T Hopwood described yesterday as 'sheer inefficiency and muddle-headedness'.
Ever since Friedrich Schlegel's definition of the novel (Roman) as a Romantic book, the efforts of the German Romantics in this genre have served as paradigms of the literary movement itself, but also as evidence of their creators' alleged muddle-headedness and lack of artistic control.
These anniversary events, while often fascinating by themselves, affirmed the utter incoherence and muddle-headedness underlying Federation commemorations around Australia.
Cromer portrayed Islamic history as "a dismal failure." He condemned Egypt for its intolerant religion, barbaric criminal law, degradation of women, and the illogical, immoderate, and the general muddle-headedness of its people.
But then, muddle-headedness seems to be the very method of this picture.
Until recently, we in Russia considered muddle-headedness and incompetence to be our unique national traits.
This was the result not so much of muddle-headedness as of unintended consequences, with policies designed for one set of conditions producing dramatically different results as circumstances changed.
Binding together these variations on a theme is what Gross and Levitt characterize as "muddle-headedness"--a muddleheadedness about science that is pervasive among academic humanists and that threatens the integrity of intellectual inquiry in the American academy as a whole.
Misconduct resulting from muddle-headedness may cause loss, but (save in those cases where the law punishes inadvertence) is not even remotely crime.
His remarks could be attacked in detail for their inconsistency and general muddle-headedness, but the same might be said for Pinot noir itself.
In football, as in life, the debate about drugs is drenched in muddle-headedness and hypocrisy.