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Summary: Former Prime Minister Tony Blair is warning against a "muddle-headed analysis" of the riots, saying they are down to broken families.
London, Aug 21 (ANI): Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has issued a warning that "muddle-headed analysis" of the recent riots by politicians from both left and right is in danger of producing the wrong policy responses.
FORMER Prime Minister Tony Blair has rubbished claims by David Cameron that Britain is in moral decline, accusing the Government of "a muddle-headed analysis" of the summer riots.
He understood far more clearly than the rather muddle-headed Americans the threat Stalin posed.
His travels through the republic reveal many muddle-headed, destructive projects.
All political parties fight against such a for muddle-headed reasons.
True, his scientific theories challenging Newton cannot be substantiated, but it would be erroneous to regard Saint-Pierre as a muddle-headed dabbler from the standpoint of posterity.
Actually, we think the larger issue is less the muddle-headed lefty liberalism of Aviation Consumer's editor and more the sad fact that eight years into the 21st century, we still don't have affordable electronic ignition systems that owners want to buy.
Yet angry and muddle-headed rhetoric still poisons the atmosphere.
Often there is a retreat into a managerial-clericalism-careerism and/or an embarrassing tendency to become slaves of the contemporary, indiscriminately embracing anything perceived as modern or relevant, no matter how muddle-headed or anthropologically suspect its origins.
Meanwhile, academic philosophers associated with analytic philosophy and logical positivism impugned Green and other British Idealists as muddle-headed metaphysicians.
Campaigner Jonathon Porritt said Blair's leadership had been "patchy and muddle-headed".
It is this sort of muddle-headed thinking - and "gesture politics" - that gives politicians a bad name.
Last year was a lousy one for the soap, full of lame stories, multiple continuity errors and muddle-headed nonsense.We knowit, the cast know it, and crucially the BBC knows it, cos 'Enders notched up its worst-ever viewing figures and got clobbered by Emmerdale.
The battle lines have been drawn with the BNP - which is contesting all 23 Kirklees wards where there is an election vote on May 4 - bizarrely describing the organised church as "Marxist" and "muddle-headed".