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Synonyms for mudcat

flesh of scaleless food fish of the southern United States


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large catfish of central United States having a flattened head and projecting jaw

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For further information contact me: Stan McDonald, 402 Mudcat Rd.
Snowsnake is played in three classes; Mudcat or Longsnake 1st class, Longsnake 2nd class and Longsnake 3rd class.
Mudcat Cafe Home of the Digital Tradition, featuring lyrics for more than 8,000 traditional songs, with more added all the time.
Some of the flavors will be Mudcat Stout, Pilot House Porter, Water Street Honey Wheat, Clyde's Red Ale and Buckner Blonde.
Shaggy, mudcat Twainians will reject any psychic significance for "uniform" here.
One of the most successful intrepreneurial ventures of the 1980s were "fantasy" baseball weekends: mini spring-training camps set up in Florida resorts where, for a fee of around $3,000, avid baseball fans could spend the weekend tossing around the old horsehide with the heroes of their youth: Ed Kranepool, Mudcat Grant, Ron Santo.
On Friday, December 13, the View Two Gallery on Mathew Street will see sets from the Southbound Attic Band, the Mudcat Brothers, Three Minute Hero and Graham Holland.
Pitchers Homering in the World Series Player Team Game Date Jim Bagby CLE AL 10/10/1920 Rosy Ryan NY NL 10/06/1924 Jack Bentley NY NL 10/08/1924 Jesse Haines SL N 10/05/1926 Bucky Walters CIN NL 10/07/1940 Lew Burdette MIL NL 10/02/1958 Mudcat Grant MIN AL 10/13/1965 Jose Santiago BOS AL 10/04/1967 Bob Gibson SL NL 10/12/1967 Mickey Lolich DET AL 10/03/1968 Bob Gibson SL NL 10/06/1968 Dave McNally BAL AL 10/16/1969 Dave McNally BAL AL 10/13/1970 Ken Holtzman OAK AL 10/16/1974 Joe Blanton PHI NL 10/26/2008 Table 7.
Mudcat Grant, who led the club with 21 wins, pitched a one-run complete game to tie up the series, three games apiece.
Singer and harmonica player Sugar Ray Norcia, sax player Greg Piccolo, bassist Mudcat Ward, guitarist Peter Ward, drummer Neil Gouvin and keyboard player Shinitzi Otsu will join Williams when he performs Friday at the Bull Run in Shirley.
Thirteen teams and 71 players registered for the Mudcat class, and the Brooks Team (Cattaraugus, N.
uk Jazz & Roots TOMORROW Acoustic Dustbowl Presented by Americana UK Promotions, featuring Hannah Rose Platt, Mudcat Brothers and Southbound Attic Band.
Troy Gonyea, Darrell Nulisch, Mudcat Ward and Per Hanson join Maxwell in The All Star Maximum Blues Band.
75 ERA, and Mudcat Grant, Jim Perry, Dave Boswell, and Jim Merritt also provided solid starting pitching.