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Synonyms for mud-wrestle

wrestle in mud


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And don't encourage them to mud-wrestle with Esther Rantzen.
Last night's mud-wrestle was the first taste of Welsh rugby for new elite performance director Graeme Maw following his appointment on Thursday, though the conditions seriously hampered the opportunity to cast an eye over the talent he will be working with for Wales.
She admits to being a bad loser and confesses that her aspiration is to mud-wrestle with David Beckham.
But this time they might have a fight on their hands - although if Jordan were left to stage-manage it, it would end up being a naked mud-wrestle!
When we threw together our lists of fifty artists at the first meeting and there wasn't a single overlap, I was ready to get on the plane and go home--what were we going to do, mud-wrestle? So each curator was allowed to vote 3, 2 or I on each artist, which was very helpful in terms of the upper and lower edges of the list.