mud stain

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a stain produced by mud

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Brown mud stains scarred the hull which was gashed and dented after being crushed under its own weight.
After all, those fun-loving millennials have to tackle those mud stains.
Catriona's satin shoes were ruined when she stepped in dog dirt, mud stained the bottom of her gown and the only music was the sound of the registrar's mobile phone ringing.
"Denim shorts are a great option because they're so easy to wear and go with pretty much anything, although sometimes, especially after a few days of festival frolics, they can look grubby so add a sparkly top for some glammed-up style and nobody will bat an eyelid at the mud stains."
I needn't have worried - two hours after we'd arrived, you couldn't tell the difference between her mud stains and chocolate ice cream smears as she waved her glowsticks in the air and jumped up and down to the music.
He was wearing a navy coloured beanie hat and stonewash jeans which had mud stains on the knees and thighs.
The 'legs' of the dinosaur are nothing more than mud stains.
Instead, rinse the worst blood and mud stains right away, and then place the bird where it can cool without further damage from hunters or dogs.
RUPERT Penry-Jones enters the catering bus in a whirlwind of chaos; there are leaves and mud stains all over his tweed suit, his hair is ruffled, and he's got a Welsh Border Collie in tow.
I never knew just how to get mud stains out until now, and yes, the city folks have no clue what mud is in the country.
Due to the extremely wet and muddy conditions in the area he is likely to have mud stained clothing.
The new Range Rover was considered such a work of art, it was exhibited at the Louvre in Paris, and the sales brochure reassured buyers that the inside could be hosed down to get rid of any mud stains for those partaking of country pursuits.
introduced a washing machine with a nozzle spray to help hose off stubborn grease and mud stains for about 10 seconds before washing.
As for us, I couldn't now imagine life without my boys...or the nappies, bottles and toys, along with mud stains and dribble on my clothes, carpets and furniture.