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a puddle of mud

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The cases group were stated that there was environmental problems that also intervening the disease, such as mud puddles, water ditch, and flood history.
"Government would imitate Jesus: 'My yoke is easy, and my burden is light.' No 10,000 bureaucratic commandments; no prison terms for things like filling in a mud puddle or not filing a form; no excessive taxation to finance Leviathan and its wars and social engineering; no Stasi-like agency collecting data on every tiny infraction from childhood onward that could be used to ruin lives.
Jule Ann can't escape the mud puddle that pounces on her whenever she goes outside.
One day I pushed him into a mud puddle and everyone laughed and slapped me on the back and told me how hip and slick and cool I was, how welcome.
With a guilty conscience, Dierberger eventually called police, and the morons owned up to shooting one of the Canadas with a rifle as it stood in a mud puddle. The other was winged by a shotgun, grounded by another shot from the rifle and smashed with a rock.
Save 37p Peppa Pig Mud Puddle Pancakes Kit (155g), Morrisons.
Frankly, it didn't look like much of a test, so I laid it in a mud puddle and kicked mud over it.
This didn't create too much of a stir in the vacant lot next to my house, but when I moved my efforts to the alley behind the garage, the garbage truck broke an axle fording what the driver thought was a simple mud puddle. My father tried to show me the error of my ways with a ping-pong paddle applied vigorously to my scrawny butt, but even he was of the opinion the effort was wasted.
Out in the Haitian countryside we came upon, I guess, a mud puddle, but it was an enormous Haitian one and there was no getting around it.
Does it make a teen more comfortable knowing that a fictional character is in the same mud puddle? If you have patrons demanding such literature, Bodart picks the best of the lot and for each title gives a myriad of ideas for promotion, use, theme, subjects, plot, reviews, and anything else imaginable that teen public librarians and teacher-librarians might find useful.
Greg Boehm, founder of Mud Puddle Books and cocktail geek of the highest order, has created an online resource that is dedicated to sourcing all manner of fine barware from across the globe.
There's the whiff of schadenfreude in reports about her missteps--the kind of glee one gets watching the homecoming queen tumble face-first into a mud puddle.
Apparently, he took it apart after dropping it in a mud puddle. All I have to help me visualize the end result of this project is the parts schematic from Browning.
Toddlers have no qualms about smearing each other with peanut butter or sitting in a mud puddle.
The Train Yard Set has 10 pieces of track, a mud puddle and a paint station - and you can store all your toys in the 3D Carry Case.