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a mass of mud that a child has molded into the shape of pie

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Mud Pie, an award-winning manufacturer of innovative and affordably priced gifts and apparel, has selected Centric Software to provide its Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution.
We made mud pies in our mud kitchens, built mud towers, made mud faces on trees, planted vegetables with our bare hands and went on bear hunts through thick oozy mud
Well, I did make mud pies as a kid and it was boring.
Kids will love getting out and making mud pies, above, and mud castles, left
Unlike my childhood playmates, who dirtied their hands only in the creation of mud pies and cakes, my main goal was to get as filthy as possible.
Some of the UK's top entrepreneurs yesterday attributed their business success to childhood nature experiences, such as building tree houses and making mud pies.
She and Lucy used it for mixing their mud pies, but it was really Delias fork.
2) No mud pies here, prove a close-up view of the dried mud flats at East Ave I near 120th St.
Melinda said: 'When I was a child I was forever playing outdoors making dens and mud pies.
The latter, in ceramic and painted fiberglass, were floor-based female forms, evocative of sand castles or melted candles, mud pies or chocolate kisses, shitlike pseudoarchaic Venuses with huge breasts and bellies, tiny hands and feet, and vestigial heads--in a few cases, butterflies were perched on their pointy necks.
Some of this issue's feature articles are: (1) Mini-beasts and secret wildlife; (2) Co-sleeping: Sharing a bed with your baby; (3) Interactive wonders at the museum; (4) Superhero Play; and (5) Mud Pies and daisy Chains: Young Children and Nature.
The alarmists would like you to believe that crayons and mud pies are developmentally appropriate; KidPix is not.
Making mud pies by the side of a road one day with a playmate, I was surprised to see him suddenly hurl one at a passing car, scoring a direct hit on the door.
I believe a picture of boys and girls playing in a sandbox or making mud pies would have been a much better, nonviolent illustration for the cover of the magazine.
W HAT do roast turkeys, cranberries, sweet potatoes, pumpkins and Mississippi Mud Pies have in common?