mud flat

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a tract of low muddy land near an estuary

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Redfish can be found in numerous areas, but during cooler weather with the extreme low tides produced by both new and full moons, these fish can be found in deep holes on the flats, on channel edges adjacent to dark shallow mud flats, and under boat docks in rivers.
Firefighters assisted Hoylake Coastguard and the RSPCA in retrieving the woman and a dog that were trapped on top of a mud flat.
The high levels of water caused massive erosion and mud flats became unstable.
The Salt Lake project requires similar open water habitat, but also includes a mix of mud flat, salt-grass meadow, marsh, and upland communities.
If you have ever been stuck on a mud flat, you can attest to how much fun it isn't to break the boat free.
Those detailed sampling plans are being developed now to examine the mud flat areas.
Next, dig a hole on the mud flat just above the high water mark; be carefully not to damage the mangrove roots.
stood at the edge of the mud flat, utterly unconcerned as the kayak drifted quietly past.
The centre of the village of Sarno was turned into a vast mud flat littered with half- buried with debris.
from the tourney's starting point at Indian Point on the Pascagoula River using a crankbait near a mud flat in 12 feet of water.
So, obviously, it's the Y-shaped end of the pole that must be deployed on a mud flat.
This puts Boesman (Glover) and Lena (Bassett) on the road once again, and they return to a desolate Cape Town mud flat, where, during one cold night, most of the movie's action takes place.
In my view, there is no scientific basis for suggesting the measured length of a pattern fired into a mud flat at a controlled angle even approximates the length of the shot string of the load tested.