mud dauber

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wasp that constructs mud cells on a solid base in which females place eggs laid in paralyzed insect larvae

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Thus paralyzing the eight-legged victim, the mud dauber shanghaiers it to her nest.
Nutrient and energy assays of larval provisions and feces in the black and yellow mud dauber, Sceliphron caementarium (Drury) (Hymenoptera: Sphecidae).
These are opportunistic and occupy a wide variety of cavities such as the pith of twigs, cavities in dead plants, of cells of abandoned mud dauber nests (Cowan 1991).
An exotic hazard to gun health encountered in Africa and Asia is the mud dauber wasp.
To recreate physical representation, he excavated, archeologically, mud dauber nests as a reference to each living space (abode).
They range in size from 1/2" to 1" or more in length, and, unlike the solitary mud dauber, they create large, highly organized colonies, which they fiercely defend.
"Many wasp species, such as paper wasps and mud daubers, can be aggressive any time they are away from a safe haven like their nest, and so you should avoid coming in contact with them."
Let the hoses dry; couple or cap the ends to keep dirt and insects, such as spiders and mud daubers, out of the hose; and then store the hose away from sunlight to protect it from ultraviolet radiation.
It was true that he moved more slowly; that he had no heart for the slaughter of rabbits pilfering his garden, or mud daubers drifting from room to room.
Terry Nye, chief of the Lane Fire Authority, said Thursday that investigators traced the origin of the fire to an electrical box inside the barn that mud daubers had built a mud nest around.
I also encountered a good crop of "mud daubers," wasps that build mud nests in tiny crevices.
There are surprising examples of species co-existing (small birds nesting in the huge webs of social spiders in Africa); examples of different shapes of homes (termites building flattened mounds to possibly help their food stores dry out faster after seasonal flooding); examples of animals selecting building materials by certain sizes (caddisfly larva picking out specific sizes of sand grains), manipulating building materials for stability (mud daubers and swallows vibrating mud as they build, to achieve uniform consistency and prevent cracking), even parasites that manipulate their host's building behavior (parasitic wasps forcing spiders to spin cocoon webs before sucking them dry)!
Examine the eaves and vents of all your buildings, removing nests of paper wasps and mud daubers. Then install vented soffit in the eaves to cover the rafter tails, and fiberglass screen over the roof vents to deny the insects a place to nest.
He tackles dozens of critters, including those on your lawn and garden as well as those in your house, and along with the annoying chiggers, hornworms and mosquitoes we find bumblebees, praying mantises, and even mud daubers, who at least provide hours of amusement.