mud bath

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a bath in warm mud (as for treating rheumatism)

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It was expected that on the very first day of opening there would be thousands of visitors to the MerPerle Hon Tam Mud Bath and the future figures of revenue would increase remarkably in the upcoming summer.
Strategically located on the northern shore ofthe Dead Sea, Ramada Resort features 161 guest rooms, a range of food & beveragefacilities, and international standard spa and fitness facilities, a heatedswimming pool, the largest flat & sandy private beach, a mud bath and conferencefacilities ranging from small meetings to larger conferences.
By the end of the day the pigs will have made themselves a nice little mud bath!" After a stormy start to today, the pigs might need another cooling down over the weekend.
Polynesian pig Brian - based at the centre which is part of the Thorpe Farm at Greta Bridge - was enjoying a mud bath, while his piglets were hosed down with cool water.
Mud bath also is the most preferred method to cool the buffaloes.
The course at Draycott near Derby was a mud bath following the recent heavy rain but that played right into the hands of the Team Jewson rider who was in his element, riding where his rivals couldn't and adding his fourth victory in his last four races, including the British Championship for his over-50 veteran age category.
London, Jan 4 ( ANI ): A Bulgarian football club has reportedly sacked one of their players after he allegedly skipped a match to have a mud bath.
Cytokine levels in osteoarthrosis patients undergoing mud bath therapy.
The building takes up an area of 3,264 square metres, which explains how the architects even managed to fit in what is basically a personal gym area with an indoor swimming pool (in addition to the outdoors one); solarium, sauna, steam and mud bath rooms and of course a gym as well.
Blackpool coped better with the mud bath and at half-time had established a three goal lead.
Now the winter is coming and it will be a mud bath when it rains.
When I got here the garden was like a mud bath with rubbish all over the place.
It was previously reported that the improvement in the clinical symptoms is better in patients suffering from OA at the knees having mud bath twice a day as compared to those having daily thermal mineral water bath and mud bath (4).
The package--the first million-dollar holiday ever, the hotel is crowing--includes a private jet flight to the Dead Sea for a mud bath, another to Iran to have your "own hand-made Persian carpet" woven before your eyes, and still another to Bahrain for a pearl-diving expedition.
Severe flooding subjected 90,000 music fans to a mud bath