mucous secretion

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protective secretion of the mucus membranes

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In the present study contamination of surgical site by mucous secretion was also highly implicated as a major cause of wound breakdown.
Physical exercise can lead to changes in several saliva components, including immunoglobulins, hormones, lactate, proteins and electrolytes, mediated especially by the influence that exercise has on the autonomous nervous system, while the sympathetic nervous system tends to stimulate mucous secretion, and the parasympathetic nervous system stimulates serous secretion (AIRES, 2008; CHICHARRO et al.
fontandraui with their mucous secretion were placed in a mortar, immersed in acetone, and crumbled with a pestle.
An interesting effect of slippery elm is that it is thought to induce mucous secretion in the GI tract via nerve stimulation.
The central region, is characterised by the presence of abundant simple tubular glands of mucous secretion (Figs.
The mucous secretion we used to coat the gelatin probes probably includes components from any or all of these gland cells.
During low tide, they forage along the substratum, using a typical, slimy mucous secretion to crawl upon.
One likely candidate is a mucous secretion from the hypodermal glands, a system of glands that discharge onto the surface of the cuticle [2].
We also suggest that the output of supramedullary/dorsal neurons affects mucous secretion that may aid in protection from predation or may help prevent infection from a wound that would follow a predatory strike.
Suction was done over the hole and found it was an opening of a sac filled with mucous secretions.
In Group II, H pylori positivity in the lacrimal and nasal mucous secretions was 36.
This study demonstrated that using N-acetylcysteine via nebulization through endotracheal tubes in mechanically ventilated patients was not effective more than normal saline nebulization in reducing the density of mucous secretions.
Clinical examination on admittance revealed: remitted spontaneous anterior epistaxis, nasopharyngeal mucous secretions, oral mucosae with bleeding on oral examination, "butterfly" facial erythema (Figure 3), petechial eruption and trophic disorders at distal phalanges--upper and lower limbs, erythematous plaque of thighs, sinus bradycardia--45 BPM (probable due to the central bulbar involvement) responsive to atropine, mild pulmonary involvement: polipnea and increased vesicular murmur.
There were copious amounts of mucous secretions, which were suctioned.
Drinking plenty of non-alcoholic, decaffeinated liquid will keep you hydrated and thin mucous secretions.