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Synonyms for mucose

of or secreting or covered with or resembling mucus


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In stage pT3 cancer surpasses the mucose tissue of the gallbladder and/ or invades the liver and/or one of the surrounding organs (stomach, duodenum, large intestine, extrahepatic bile ducts).
There were measured power of forced expiration by pneumotachometer, the bronchi receptor sensitivity threshold to histamine and acetylcholine, nose respiratory function, eosinophile quantity in the peripheral blood and nasal mucose secrete.
bocca riarsa d' alcol e di mucose altrui--irata--intrisa di vini e di pizze e di pummarole e di salive e di labbra e di lingue che schioccano e di denti che cozzano .
The primary lesion occurs in lung, but often disseminates to other organs and systems, notably oral mucose, adrenal glands, fagocytic-mononuclear system, skin and less frequently to other organs like central nervous system (13-15).
The color of the patient's skin was pale yellow, and the mucoses of the mouth and conjunctives were pale.